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Welcome to the Department of Sanskrit

The Department of Sanskrit of the college is one of the oldest ones having completed eleven years of Honours teaching. The young Department has a wonderful past and very enthusiastic present paving the way for the impressive days of the future. It nurtures the untamed youth that manifests itself in diverse forms. The distinguished guest teachers who have served or are serving this department over the years, try to make a safe haven for learning and cooperation. A lively academic and cultural ambience and a very cordial teacher-pupil relationship have always been and hopefully will be the distinctive characteristic of the department. Due to severe shortage of funds and space the department does not have a separate seminar/departmental library but the central library has more than 500 titles dedicated to Sanskrit studies. Within the strict, limited capacity the department tries to organize students’ seminar, workshops to facilitate the students.

HOD Message

”विद्या ददाति विनयम्।”
(“Knowledge makes one humble,humility begets worthiness,worthiness creates wealth and enrichment,enrichment leads to right conduct,and right conduct brings contentment.”)

India was famous due to Indian Culture which is described by mainly Sanskrit language.All language are origin from SANSKRIT language.
Heartily welcome to The Department of SANSKRIT in DESHAPRAN MAHAVIDYALAYA. Sanskrit department is started on 2011 with only GENERAL STREAM first.Then Honours also is running from 2012 to continue.There are one sir and there madams are in our department.A good friendly kind-hearted relationship among all teachers of this department.Also they have good relationship with others teachers and others staff of our college.They are committed to their duties.All are experienced and well trained for purpose of noble and gentle teaching.They are helpful and kind hearted to students.During COVID they teach the students through Google meet.Our motto to make a good human being.

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Detailed Information
The Department of Sanskrit of the college is one of the oldest ones. The department started working with one year later of the college establishment. Gradually the various undergraduate courses were drafted into the department as per the rules of UGC and Vidyasagar University. Currently the department offers both Major and Minor courses in B.A. Sanskrit under CCFUP.
Sl. No. Course Offered Year of Inception
1 B.A. General 2011
B.A. Honours 2012
2 B. A. General (CBCS ) 2018
B.A. Honours (CBCS ) 2018
3 CCFUP, 2023 Major 2023
CCFUP, 2023 MDC 2023
4 PG Not Yet

Sanskrit literature and language have been an integral part of the courses offered in various universities in India since pre-Independence days. Since the inception of Vidyasagar University, this course has been introduced in the undergraduate courses in constituent colleges. And the syllabus in Sanskrit Literature has been designed to identify the signposts of Sanskrit culture from the Vedic periods. Different points of the syllabus have incorporated ideas, events, personalities, and texts that formed the backbone of each period with clear awareness of parallel or related trends in the continent. The courses also have been designed to acquaint the students with the history of the Sanskrit language both synchronic and diachronic, keeping in mind the different elements such as influences, borrowings and changes over the centuries.

Keeping the above view in mind our department try-

  •  To provide all information regarding the scope and opportunities of this subject.
  •  To impart the lessons in such a way that the students feel they always surrounded by economic phenomenon in their day-to-day life.
  •  To make students more equipped with this subject by taking class seminars, class test and by completion of syllabus in due time.
  •  To make the knowledge perfect and matured and attain finality
  •  To work as consultants/mentors by the teachers to help the students to fulfill their dream and to motivate them to become ideal human being.
  •  To make the students more disciplined and punctual, the teachers act as friend, philosopher and guide.
  •  To encourage students to take part in extracurricular activities such as sports, NSS, fine arts, music and other cultural competitions.
At present the intake capacity of our department at UG Honours level is 71. The distributions of these 71 seats are presented in following table.
Sl. No. Caste Category Intake Capacity
1 General 30
2 General PH 02
3 SC 15
4 SC- PH 01
5 ST 04
6 ST-PH 00
7 OBC-A 07
8 OBC-A PH 00
9 OBC-B 05
10 OBC-B PH 00
11 EWS 07
12 EWS- PH 00
Total 71

Though the admission in the department is done on merit basis, but keeping in view the concept of globalization, the age of electronic media, the best utilization of human resources and social need of the day, students hailed from underprivileged class of this district, have been given special consideration during admission. Apart from this, students having distinction in sports, fine arts, music and students hailing from the adjoining area of the locality of the college, get opportunity to take higher education in this college. The complete admission procedure is online and it adheres to the rules and regulations of Vidyasgar University and the Higher Education Dept., Govt. of West Bengal.

The infrastructure facilities of our department is presented below

  • No separate departmental class room for lack of space.
  • One ICT enabled class room
  • No separate departmental library but central library caters to the needs of the students.
Year wise Student enrolment (Hons) during 2019-20 to 2023-24
2019-20 37 02 00 00 01 00 00 40
2020-21 21 00 00 00 00 01 00 22
2021-22 15 04 00 00 01 00 00 20
2022-23 09 00 00 00 00 00 00 09
2023-24 12 00 00 00 01 00 00 13
  Academic Performance of the Students:
The performance of the students in final examination for the last five years is given inthe following table–
Year Appeared Passed Percentage
2019-20 09 09 100
2020-21 09 09 100
2021-22 22 22 100
2022-23 09 09 100

For teaching purpose, the most common method, used by the departmental teachers, is chalk and talk. We have one smart class room and other class rooms. Apart from delivering lectures and distributing class notes, students are given different web links to collect study materials (YouTube, Digital Library & Google Classroom). Department prepares a semester wise lesson plan for proper teaching and to complete the allotted syllabus in due time. Students are also encouraged to participate in class seminar and group discussions on a regular basis. As a part of Internal Assessment (10 mark for each Honours & General paper) we take 2 class tests for each honours paper and 2 class test for each General paper.

The Sanskrit (Hons.) undergraduate course is designed to introduce students with the various traditions of Sanskrit literature and language. The different courses of the Sanskrit undergraduate Programme is created in such a fashion that the students get an idea and taste of the Sanskrit literature that developed in Sanskrit soil .

  • The Programme tries to make the students understand the different periods of Sanskrit literature and explore how creative resources are used in poetry, fiction, prose and drama. It tries to focus on Literary/Cultural studies which help to develop intellectual acumen and a better understanding of human life and experience.
  • The new UG syllabus under CBCS also includes Indian Classical Writings, Indian Bhasha literatures along with the contemporary literary This will help students develop their analytical and argumentative skills and also endow them with the knowledge of their own literary tradition – both classical and contemporary Indian Bhasha literatures.
  • The main rationale of the Programme is to acquaint students, who have just stepped in to the threshold of higher education, with an overall idea of literature, develop their critical insights, understand the reception of texts and make them familiar with scholarly
  • The new syllabus of studying literary and cultural texts is structured in such ways that it helps students think deeply about socio cultural issues of race and gender. It helps to develop the reasoning faculty of the mind and understand the cross cultural issues of influence and reception.

The Programme also helps to develop skills of writing in Sanskrit which will position students in good stead in the job market.

Our department has one sanctioned post against substantive vacancy. At present our department has one full time teacher against substantive post, and two fulltime state aided college teachers.



Name of the teachers


Date of joiningTeaching experienceHighest qualification

Specializati on


Smt.Seuli Rani KhatuaSACT-1


12 Yrs.

M.A.(Sanskrit) , (SET qualified), MA(Education)

2Smt. Archana PandaSACT-II05.11.201112Yrs.M.A.Philosophy


Mr. Gouri Sankar Das



07 Yrs.

M.A. (N.E.T


4Smt.Shreyasi KoleySACT-II02.09201607YrsM.A.Philosophy
Total 48 classes per week are allotted for both general and honours course. Out of these, 35 are honours classes and 13 are general/Generic Elective classes. The workload of the faculty members is given below.
Sl. No. Name of the teachers Class allotted (Hons.) Class allotted (General) Total
1 Mrs.Seuli Rani Khatua 09 3 12
2 Mrs.Archana Panda 09 3 12
3 Mr. Gouri Sankar Das 08 3 11
4 Mrs. Shreyasi Koley 09 4 13
Students of this department deal with versatile carrier option. Some students opt for higher studies and they are advised to take admission in reputed institutions like DSE,BHU, ISI etc for conducting their post graduate, M.Phil and PhD. For this, students are given the special coaching to solve the previous question papers of entrance examinations conducted by several reputed institutions. Students who have requisite qualities for leadership, qualities of taking instant decision, are being advised to go for administrative service through competitive examinations. For this, we not only collect the titles of literature, but also collect some magazines, namely, competition master and competition success etc. which are very helpful for competitive examinations. Students, who want to face challenge, are advised to take several self-employment generated schemes, to start a start-up business. Students pursuing Ph.D./completed Ph.D. from different Institutions
Sl. No. Name of the Student Year of Passing Institution from Ph.D. Year of Enrolment
  Students Qualified NET/SET
Sl. No.   Name of the Student Year of Passing Year of Passing (NET/ SET) Certificate No.
  Student Progression in Higher Education
Sl. No.   Name of the Student Year of Passing PG/Ph.D./Other Courses   Name Of Institute
1 Lakshmipriya Mondal 2022 B.Ed Contai D.Ed College
2 Suparna Jana 2022 P.G Contai P.K.College
3 Jaya Bhattacharya 2023 B.Ed Contai D.Ed College
4 Moumita Panda 2023 P.G Contai P.K.College
5 Kakali Das 2022 B.Ed Birendranath Sasmal P.T.T.I
6 Jyotirmoyee Maity 2023 P.G Contai P.K.College


Employment of students
Sl. No. Name of the Student Year of Pass-out Year of Joining Present occupation
1 Siladitya Maity 2017 2021 BSK DEO(Data Entry Operater) at Basantia Hospital

One teacher of the department is doing Ph.D. in Mansarovar Global University. All teachers regularly participate and present papers in different national and international seminars and conferences. They also regularly publish their research paper in various journals or book chapters. Students are also encouraged to publish their papers in reputed journals.

Teachers Pursuing PhD



Name of the


Project work/Research






Mrs.Archana Panda


Astanga yoga

Dr.Renu Sing,Professor,(De pt. Of Language),Mansaro var Global University


Teachers Publication



  BookJournal Article

Other Journal




Name of the teachersBooksChapter[UGC-Care
Sl.No. Name of the   Name of the sub-committees
1 Mrs.Seuli Rani Khatua 1. Member of Academic Sub-Committee  
2. Member of Examination Sub-Committ
2 Mr. Gouri Sankar Das 1. Member of Library Sub-Committee
Our department occasionally organise national and state level seminar/webinar. The details ofcurrently organised national level webinar is given below.
Sl. No.     Title     Date & Time     Resource Persons   Number of Participants
1   Tि5  TRЧT : T Š Ợ S MT TŠ WTि5UŠ OR/১১/6O১2 T ১১ T  ˛ℓYN ℕN˛  (ℓT ℓT .T h G T   ˛G ℕXTRि ˛hT h.) TN     ( T 2ि ℓ˛ TŠ ℕT  Y5) €5˛5˛R ℓT˛ T ( T ŠN ˛   Y5)   100
2 DEVELOPMENT OF FEMINISM AS REFLECTED IN SANSKRIT LITERATURE 19.09.2020 3:00 pm Dr.Uttam Biswas(Assistant Professor,Vidyasagar University) Souvik Biswas(Assistant Professor,Jhargram Raj College)   90
    1. To open departmental libraries.
    1. To introduce student exchange programme with other
    2. We are planning to organize seminars, extended lectures,
  1. Strength: Disciplined and sincere students.
  2. Weakness: Less student strength, insufficient fulltime faculty,
  3. Opportunity: Equipped computer lab, ICT class room and good collaboration with the faculty of other institutions.
  4. Challenge: To fill up full intake capacity, to orient them to get placed in the right position in the society

Our Teaching Faculty

Smt. Seuli Rani Khatua

SACT-1 [M.A.(Sanskrit) , (SET qualified), MA(Education)]

Smt. Archana Panda


Mr. Gouri Sankar Das

SACT-I (M.A., NET Qualified)

Smt.Shreyasi Koley


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