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Mission & Vision


The vision of the institution is to achieve excellence in higher education, empowerment through knowledge, inclusive growth for socio-economic change, and sustainable development.

  1. Our mission is to encourage students, in general, to develop their latent talents and innate ideas through value-based education under the ideology of the great men and women of India and other countries in the world.
  2. We humbly try to infuse the spirit of Vivekananda’s ideal of man-making and character- building and Birendranath Sasmal’s courage and dedication through education.
  3. Shifting from a conventional curriculum to a more dynamic and learner-friendly system of curricular choices in response to social needs.
  4. Evolving suitable strategies for sustaining quality in teaching, learning research and extension activities, student support and progression, and infrastructure and learning
  5. Seeking collaboration with reputed institutions of higher learning to enhance and upgrade the institution’s quality.
  6. Integrating teachers’ research works with teaching for the benefit of
  7. Organizing seminars in various departments every year for the teaching, and non-teaching staff and also students which focus on various subjects.
  8. We always try to encourage our students to develop their fundamental and moral values through regular prayer, the practice of yoga, a self-supported lifestyle, good hygiene, a clean environment, discipline and punctuality, and fellow-fillings.


The vision of the college is to raise college as “A centre of excellence committed to the perfection of the human personality”. We are convinced that proper education is the best resort to uplift the youth in rural areas.

  1. Our vision is to impart qualitative higher education to the students hailing mostly from disadvantaged families in rural Bengal.
  2. To ensure quality of to inculcate self-confidence and morality through value- based education.
  3. To make our students energetic and vigorous to face the challenges to
  4. To make them socially committed and flexible to global
  5. To make them confident and self-sufficient.

The maximum students of in our college are girls. We have a mission to educate, empower, and emancipate them, and make them capable not only of individualistic growth but of financial independence also.

The vision and mission of the institution are a reflection of the objectives of the National policies on higher education, in molding human resources to meet contemporary challenges. The institution follows a threefold system with academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular programmes.

Institution Perspective Plan

Perspective and strategic plans are laid out at the beginning of the year. Principal, in consultation with all the Departments, cells, and committees assesses the outcome of the previous year’s plans and draws a plan of action at the end of the academic year. The plan serves as the roadmap for students’ achievement and the college’s development. Since the college is government-aided it follows all the government policies as it comes from the Department of Higher Education of the West Bengal government.

  1. The perspective Plan is to increase the potential of student intake for current courses to boost student enrolment and to create rank holders.
  2. To complete total automation of admission, administrative processes, and student
  3. To construct/extend buildings for
  4. To ensure Infrastructural growth in terms of classrooms, Books, Computers, and
  5. Total automation of the library and library upgradation
  6. Setting up of modernized seminar hall
  7. Setting up of Gymnasium
  8. To introduce new skill-based courses
  9. To improve the teaching-learning methods based on feedback collected from stakeholders
  10. To commence functional MoUs related to job-oriented training and
  11. To enhance the internet services
  12. To initiate a Biogas plant, Vermicomposting, and Rainwater harvesting system to increase groundwater level.
  13. To have a green and clean campus
  14. Strengthen outreach activities by involving local unprivileged rural children in various activities in the college
  15. To conduct Environmental Audits, Green audits, and Energy
  16. Annual Calendar
  17. Annual Institutional Plan
  18. Annual Academic Plan
  19. Departmental Action Plan