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Central Library Facilities

Following are the facilities provided in the library:

  • Home Lending – The home lending counter is kept open between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm. on all working days. Students and faculties can borrow books from this counter. Generally, students and faculties are issued three books at a time for a period of fifteens day.
  • References – The library staff help the readers in finding out their queries. Readers are also provided with relevant documents in print and electronic form.
  • Reading Room – The reading room has a seating capacity of 30 with separate arrangement for faculty and students.
  • Every year text books and reference books are purchased by taking prior suggestions from faculty and students.
  • Internet Facility – All the computers are internet enabled. The library has 4 nodes with internet connectivity for one computer appliance where students and faculties can browse internet and online resources.
  • E-Resources – Library e-resources access from library home page of college website, where users can access faculty publications, class note, and use open access e-books, e-journal through open access database like DOAJ, NDLI etc.
  • Photocopying facility – Faculty members can avail the facility of photocopying in the library with the help of a printer capable of printing and scanning.
  • Newspapers – College is also purchasing eleven daily newspapers for faculty and students. These newspapers are kept in the Reading section.
  • Feedback and suggestion box is available on the library home page of college website for students and faculties to make feedback or suggestions.
  • Library is process under CCTV surveillance