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Welcome to the Department of Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education is very old, but from the beginning it was not the subject of this college.  Teaching in pass course completed almost 11 years. This department has a beautiful past, rhythmic and vibrant present, hopeful and promising future. It nurtures the untamed youth that manifests itself in diverse forms.  The distinguished professors have been working in the department for a long time, trying to make a safe haven for learning and cooperation. A lively academic, cultural, sporting environment and a very cordial teacher-pupil relationship have always been and hopefully will be the distinctive characteristic of the department. Due to severe shortage of funds and space the department does not have a separate room, departmental library but the central library has more than 200 titles dedicated to this department The department has a 200 Meter Track, Football field, Volleyball Court, Outdoor Badminton Court, , Kabaddi Ground and Kho-Kho Ground.  The Department deals with the teaching and sportive activities of all students of the college. The Department follows the annual calendar & program me provided by Vidyasagar University. Students of our College participate in various sports and games like inter-college tournament of Vidyasagar University and district level .Some of the students are selected for state level participation. Within the strict, limited capacity the department tries to organize students’ seminars, workshops, sports events and movie screenings to facilitate the students. The department works with the guidance and advice of the Principal & G.B of the College and the members of the games and sports committee.

HOD Message

  ‘Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano'(You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body )-Juvenal

Welcome to the Physical Education Department.The department was introduced in 2013, within a few years of the establishment of the college which still remains a pass course.  Currently there are two teachers. About 30 to 40 students are admitted here every year to study physical education.Physical education and sports activities play an important role in increasing the number of healthy youth. A well-implemented, comprehensive program is an essential ingredient for growth of both mind and body.Involvement in sports and games among students is very important to encourage participation in sports competitions at district level, university level, state level to face the challenges of life and develop a healthy citizen. We work hard to provide as much range of fitness and sports activities as possible and encourage active participation of students to enhance their self-expression, self-esteem and socialization skills along with academic excellence.

Detailed Information
The Department of Physical Education has been introduced in the academic session 2013-2014 Presently, it offers only General course as per the rules of UGC and Vidyasagar University. Currently the department offers B.A. MDS under CCFUP.
Sl. No. Course Offered Year of Inception
1 B.A. General 2013
2 B. A. General (CBCS ) 2018
3 CCFUP, 2023 MDS 2023

Physical education has been an integral part of the courses offered in various universities in India since pre-Independence days. It is a course that focuses on developing physical fitness and the ability to perform and enjoy day-to-day physical activities with ease. It aims to develop student’s physical competence and knowledge of movement and safety, and their ability to use this to perform in a wide range of activities associated with the development of an active and healthy lifestyle. It also develops student’s confidence and generic skills, especially those of collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and aesthetic appreciation.

Keeping the above view in mind our department try-

  • To make the knowledge about the spectrum of physical education.
  • To provide all information regarding the scope and opportunities of this subject.
  • To deliver the lessons in such a way that the students feel that they are surrounded by the events of their daily lives.
  • To make students more equipped with this subject by taking practical classes, class seminars, class test and by completion of syllabus in due time.
  • To provide facilities to the students that they can exercise and spend time by playing in a beautiful and large sports field which helps them in their future physical development.
  • To provide such benefits to the students that many types of daily new activities can be done .
  • To make the knowledge perfect and matured and attain finality
  • To work as consultants/mentors by the teachers to help the students to fulfill their dream and to motivate them to become ideal human being.
  • To make the students more disciplined and punctual, the teachers act as friend, philosopher and guide and more specifically a coach in sports field.
  • To encourage students to take part in extracurricular activities such as different level sports, NSS, fine arts, music and other cultural competitions and to do short courses on Sports Officials, Yoga, Bratachari, First Aid, Self Defense, Computer Training, Communication English to enhance their self-confidence.

The types of jobs that are available in the past based on physical education have now increased in number, scope and spectrum. Some of them are given below-

         Activity Physical Education Teacher:

  • Prepares and delivers instructional Physical Education.
  • Promotes student and community wellbeing.
  • Involved in the co-curricular life of a School.

School Sports Director:

  • Develops and manages school sport and fitness programmers.
  • Motivates and coaches students to enhance sporting achievement.
  • Promotes high participation.

Sports Coach:

  • Supports professional, Community or school sportspeople and Groups to improve performance.
  • Plans and provides training Programmers.
  • Ensures the health and safety of clients.

Sports Development Officer:

  • Provides sporting opportunities throughout a community.
  • Assists in addressing issues such as health, crime and social inclusion.
  • Provides and markets sports classes and events.
At present the intake capacity of our college at UG GRNERAL level is 420. The distributions of these 420 seats are presented in following table.
Sl. No. Caste Category Intake Capacity
1 General 219
2 General PH 12
3 SC 88
4 SC -PH 5
5 ST 24
6 ST-PH 1
7 OBC-A 40
8 OBC-A PH 2
9 OBC-B 28
10 OBC-B PH 1
11 EWS 00
12 EWS-PH 00
Total 420

Though the admission in the department is done on merit basis, but keeping in view the concept of globalization, the age of electronic media, the best utilization of human resources and social need of the day, students hailed from underprivileged class of this district, have been given special consideration during admission. Apart from this, students having distinction in sports, fine arts, music and students hailing from the adjoining area of the locality of the college, get opportunity to take higher education in this college. The complete admission procedure is online and it adheres to the rules and regulations of Vidyasgar University and the Higher Education Dept., Govt. of West Bengal.

The infrastructure facilities of our department is presented below
  • No separate departmental class room for lack of space.
  • One ICT enabled class room
  • No separate departmental library but central library caters to the needs of the students.
  • A multipurpose storeroom for equipments.
  • Multipurpose playground with a 200 Meter Track, Football field, Volleyball Court, Outdoor Badminton Court, , Kabaddi Ground and Kho-Kho Ground.
Play Ground Measurement
Play Ground Ground Measurement
Football 75mt. X 50mt.
Track 200mt.
Kho Kho 29mt. X 18mt.
Kabaddi 19mt. X 14mt.
Volley Ball 20mt. X 11mt.
Badminton (Outdoor) 13.5mt. X 6.5mt.
Jumping  (Long Jump Pit) 2.50mt. X 5.5mt.

Sports and Game Instrument
Sl. No. Particulars Quantity (Piece)
1 Yoga Mat 4
Sport/Games (Indore Facilities
2 Carrom Board 1
Sport/Games (Outdoor Facilities)
3 Foot Ball 9
4 Goal Bar Net 4
5 Linesman Flag 4
6 Volley Ball 5
7 Basket Ball 2
8 Medicine Ball (3 Kg) 2
9 Medicine Ball (2 Kg) 2
10 Jevelin 6
11 Discuss 7
12 Shot Put (12 Pound) 7
13 Badminton Racket 10
14 Badminton Net 1
15 Cricket Bat 1
16 Cricket Ball 4
17 Cricket Stamp 7
18 Cricket Bail 4
19 High Jamp Stand 4
20 High Jamp Cross Bar 1
21 Starting Block 1
22 Starting Clapper 1
23 Skipping Rope 4
Sport/Games (Other Equipment)
24 First Aid Box 1
25 Stop Watch 1
26 Whistle (Foxyo) 2
27 Fiber Tape (50 mts. ) 1
28 Steel Tape (30 mts. ) 2
29 Rubber Belt 2
30 Marker 30
31 Umbrella 2
32 Weighing Machine 1
33 Rope (200mt.) 1
34 Nail 30
35 Side Drum& Big Drum 1+1
36 Pumper 1
37 Humber 1
Year wise Student enrolment (General) during 2019-20 to 2023-24
Year Enrolment Gen SC ST OBC-A OBC-B Minority Total
2019-20 405 344 40 00 00 21 00 405
2020-21 210 182 16 00 00 12 00 210
2021-22 255 218 24 00 04 09 00 255
2022-23 230 183 29 00 03 15 00 230

Academic Performance of the Students:
The performance of the students in final examination for the last five years is given in the following table
Year Appeared Passed Percentage
2019-20 65 65 100%
2020-21 66 66 100%
2021-22 96 96 100%
2022-23 93 93 100%

For teaching purpose, the most common method, used by the departmental teachers, is chalk and talk and also practical field work. The departmental teachers use power point presentations, arrange movie and documentary shows. We have one smart class room, other class rooms as well as a play ground for the practical work. Apart from delivering lectures and distributing class notes, students are given different web links to collect study materials (YouTube, Digital Library & Google Classroom), simultaneously practical classes are conducted 5 days in a week in the play ground, which is most important in the field of sports and physical education. Department prepares a semester wise lesson plan for proper teaching and to complete the allotted syllabus in due time. Students are also encouraged to participate in class seminar and group discussions on a regular basis. As a part of Internal Assessment (10 marks) we take 2 class tests for every General paper.

Under Graduate Programme in Physical Education(General) aims to provide the students with learning experiences that help them to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to live a physically active, intellectually motivated, socially enriched and emotionally and materially a balanced and healthy life. The Programme meant for preparing Sports Manager, Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Trainer ,Health Educationist ,Coach ,Fitness Trainer, Sports Journalist, physical education teacher, assistant professor / directors / sports officers in colleges /universities and teacher educators in college of physical education and university departments of physical education. The curriculum and syllabus have been structured in such a way that each of the course meets one or more of the outcomes related to the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that students acquire as they progress through the program. Further, each course in the program spells out clear instructional objectives which are mapped to the student outcome.

  • Developing socially, mentally, psychologically and spiritually for wholesome development.
  • Understanding the meaning of physical education for an individual development and improving general health for professional activity to stay well and good.
  • Fostering motivational attitude to the physical education, healthy lifestyle and regular exercising.
  • Learning special knowledge, practical skills, which provide health protection, form compensatory process, correct present health abnormalities, provide mental prosperity, development and improvement of psychophysical skills, form professional qualities of an individual.
  • Body’s adaptation for physical and mental workload and also at the increasing of the capability of physiological systems as well as raising of the resistance of immune defenses;
  • Learning the methodology of formation and taking health exercises independently, the methods of self-control while exercising, hygiene rules and sound schedule for work and rest;
  • Learning how to resist unfavorable factors and working conditions, decreasing fatigue during professional activities and raising the quality of results.
Our department has one fulltime state aided college teacher and a purely temporary and contractual basis guest lecturer.
Sl. No. Name of the teachers Designation Date of joining Teaching experience Highest qualification Specialization
1 Mr. Tapan Kumar Patra SACT-II 19.07.2017 7yrs. M.P.Ed Athletics, Kho-kho
2 Mr.Arnab Tripathy GUEST LECTURER 10.05.2022 2 Yrs. M.P.Ed, NSNIS-certificate (Athletics) Sports Training, Athletics volleyball

Work Load of the teachers:

Total 24 classes per week are allotted general course. Out of these, 3 MDC – sports and fitness classes are allotted for single major and multidisciplinary studies. The workload of the faculty members is given below-

Sl. No.Name of the teachers Class allotted
1Mr. Tapan Kumar Patra1414
2Mr. Arnab Tripathy1010

Students of this department deal with versatile carrier option. Some students opt for higher studies and they are advised to take admission in reputed institutions for BEd UG Course BPEd, and PG Course MPEd, YOGA diploma, NSNIS, etc. For this, students are given the special coaching in theory as well as practical session also to solve the entrance examinations as conducted by several reputed institutions. Students who have requisite qualities for leadership, qualities of taking instant decision, are being advised to go for administrative service through competitive examinations. For this, we collect lots of magazines, newspapers which are very helpful for competitive examinations. Students, who want to face challenge, are advised to take several self-employment generated schemes, to start a start-up business.

Student Awarded in College, University, State and National Level Sports and Games


Name of the Student

Year of Awarded

College, University, District, State and National Level

Event Name



Ramkrishna Das



Long Jump



Baisakhi Karan



Discus Throw



Pallabi Jana



Long Jump



Student Progression in Higher Education


Name of the Student

Year of Passing

PG/Ph.D./Other Courses

Name Of Institute


Sheuli Mandal 



Mugbria Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya 

All teachers of our department regularly participate and present papers in different national and international seminars and conferences. They also regularly publish their research paper in various journals or book chapters. Students are also encouraged to publish their papers in reputed journals. Teachers Publication
Sl.No. Name of the teachers Books Book Chapter Journal Article [UGC-Care Listed] Other Journal Article Total
1 Mr. Arnab Tripathy  00  00 01 00  01
Sl.No. Name of the teachers Name of the sub-committees
1. Mr. Tapan Kumar Patra 1.   Games and sports sub-committee
  1. To make a separate departmental classroom attached with administration room.
  2. To open a separate store room, attached with multipurpose gymnasium
  3. To introduce student exchange programme with other institutions.
  4. We are planning to organize seminars, extended lectures, excursions ,camps, workshop, officials clinic.
  5. We are planning for career counseling cell.

We also are aiming to provide high quality training so that players and students can perform to their maximum potential.

  1. Strength: Disciplined and sincere students.
  2. Weakness: Less student strength, insufficient faculty, infrastructure, facilities.
  3. Opportunity: Equipped computer lab, ICT class room ,a big play ground and good collaboration with the faculty of other institutions.
  4. Challenge: To orient the student to get placed in the right position in the society and to perform well at their satisfactory level.